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Monday, May 6, 2013

Do the new at Oldfox 004 dot in!

I'm moving on again, but only dropping the 'blogspot' this time. Yes, I'm moving onto my personal domain at 'Oldfox004.in' - a gift from my dear hubby. If you want to know more about why this special gift, then hop on to my new blog right away. But, I can be generous too and let out a little clue before you click on the new blog. 

So, here's the clue - "No, its not my birthday!" Another one - "It'll need to be renewed for happy returns of the special day".

Keep guessing and do visit me at my new home. Do note the change in address so you could be updated with my inane ramblings, and don't forget to keep blogging!

"Every day we wake up to a new conscience, a new beginning and a new unknown. Let's make the most of it." ~ Oldfox 004

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