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Old Fox 004: Never say Goodbye...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Never say Goodbye...

time may not heal
my internal wounds
scars seldom reveal
the pain it has been through
i'm lonely and afraid
of the long road ahead
do hear my muted screams
and reply to my eternal 'why?'

i wish upon a falling star-
just a little word from you
a tease, a taunt, a mischievous nudge
for anything will do

the angels beckon 
ever so often
begin from the page where
you left your diary open
so be it and let's move on
together forever, hand in hand

its a new beginning, 
a new spirit to live by
a brand new body, a dazzling smile
together we shall walk
a thousand and more miles...
so never say goodbye

P.S: a little note to my beloved bro who just crossed beyond the blue skies!